THUNK – 7. Game Design & the Hedonic Treadmill

Board games are a phenomenal gift for the holidays, & they might contain the key to a utopian future for humanity.

The Hedonic Treadmill makes it impossible to simply pump constant euphoria into our brains, but perhaps we can find a way to make a “rewarding fun engine,” rather than a “happy machine.” Also, Josh discovers that the Powerdirector software he just bought allows him to put pictures into his videos!

THUNK – 6. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is sometimes attacked by people who don’t really understand how it works, what it promises, or how we got dog breeds. However, there are some legitimate ethical concerns about harnessing the power of genetics.

That’s not to say that we shouldn’t – we absolutely should. But we should at least do so with the awareness of what it might mean.