THUNK – 156. Less Wrong, Rationality, & Logicbros

I focus a lot on improving my critical thinking skills & knowledge of bias, but I may just be honing deadly weapons to be wielded by the mad spectre that sometimes possesses me.

-Links for the Curious-

Reply to Davis-Stober et al.: Violations of rationality in a psychophysical task are not aggregation artifacts (Tsetsos et al, 2016) –

The Polarizing Impact of Science Literacy and Numeracy on Perceived Climate Change Risks (Braman et al, 2012) –

“Realism about Rationality,” by Ricraz on LessWrong –

@TheSoundDefense on Twitter –

Practical Reason (Wallace, 2014) –
A likely logicbro on imgur –

“Adam Ruins Logic,” by Eternal Life Fan –

“America the Intelligent,” by Peter Moore –

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