THUNK – 137. Embodied Cognition


Is a brain all you need to have a functional mind? Is the body just peripheral to cognition? Many researchers think so, but advocates of embodied cognition have different ideas.

(Quick note: “Altered Carbon” is racy & gory, but also very good. It doesn’t get particularly hung up on the “Is a copy of my mind REALLY MEEEE?!” question, touches on a lot of interesting problems with technological immortality, & actually has a lot of interesting test cases & scenarios for the concept of embodied cognition.)

-Links for the Curious-

The Metaphorical Structure of the Human Conceptual System (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980) –

“A Brief Guide to Embodied Cognition: Why You Are Not Your Brain” by Samuel McNerny –

“Embodied Cognition,” the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy –

“Embodied cognition is not what you think it is” by Andrew D. Wilson* and Sabrina Golonka –

The Poverty of Embodied Cognition (Goldinger et al, 2016) –

“You Think with the World, Not Just Your Brain” by Sam Kriss, a summary of a related phenomenon called “extended cognition” –

A Cognitive Study of Happiness Metaphors in Persian and English (Safarnejad et al, 2014) –

Why You May Want to Stand Like a Superhero”, by Robin S. Rosenberg –

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