THUNK – 95. Duverger’s Law & Ingroup Bias

This election is divisive, both in & between parties. Unfortunately, our brains don’t work too well in groups.

*Links for the Curious*

Evidence of an increasing division between political parties in the US –

Tajfel et al’s 1971 paper demonstrating that even totally arbitrary grouping does weird stuff to human brains –

A study about how ingroup/outgroup bias can color what characteristics people are quick to assign to their ingroup/outgroup –

Evidence that we show greater affinity for ingroup members who promote the group’s distinctiveness over those who try to be more evenhanded –

A study showing that simply framing a political argument as coming from the ingroup increases its acceptance dramatically –

Groups also make us prone to riskier behavior, arriving at more extreme conclusions together than we would on our own –

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