THUNK – 58. Science & the Problem of Induction

NOTE TO COMMENTERS: This video *does not* assert that, because the assumptions of science are arbitrary, a person is justified in choosing not to believe scientific theories, or that its predictions are somehow invalid. THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS VIDEO CLAIMS. This video claims that, DESPITE making assumptions which are arbitrary, SCIENCE IS STILL THE BEST METHOD TO DATE FOR ACCESSING TRUTH, BECAUSE IT IS SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SUCCESSFUL AT MAKING ACCURATE PREDICTIONS THAN OTHERS.

Some supporters of science claim it’s objective & perfectly rational, but there are some assumptions necessary..

-Links for the Curious-

Feynman explains the scientific method –

The Higgs paper from ATLAS –

David Hume’s “An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding,” with one of the earliest, most cogent statements of the problem of induction –

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