THUNK – 53. Christmas Creep & Wars of Attrition

It seems the Christmas season comes earlier every year…and there’s actually a decent reason why: game theory!

-Links for the Curious-

A poll of when consumers feel it is appropriate to start putting up holiday decorations –

Some economics Ph.D’s offer insight into why Christmas Creep isn’t a reversible phenomenon, & why businesses are keen to bring out the tree as early as possible –

A research paper quantifying just how much some decorations can affect consumer purchasing habits –

The first paper published on the famous dollar auction paradox in game theory –

An investigation into the increasing loudness (not necessarily volume) of TV commercials –

The increasing usage of awesome on the internet (such word, many usage, wow) –

A Canadian business owner’s statement regarding holiday decorations before Remembrance Day –

A Consumerist campaign to shame businesses who put up tinsel before Halloween –

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