THUNK – 48. Is Trolling Anti-Geek?

Is it possible that the act of trolling, by any definition, is fundamentally corrosive to geeks?

-Links for the Curious-

“Internet Ranting & the Myth of Catharsis,” a great summary of many papers with evidence that trolling just makes trolling victims more prone to anger –

“Anger on the internet: the perceived value of rant-sites,” by Martin RC et. al., handily debunking the idea that a little online ranting will get anger out of your system –

“Does Venting Anger Feed or Extinguish the Flame? Catharsis, Rumination, Distraction, Anger, and Aggressive Responding,” by Brad J. Bushman. tl;dr: feed. –

An example of trolling (or maybe not…the inability to distinguish is essential) –

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