THUNK – 41. Emotions & Rationality

We frequently think of “emotional” as the opposite of “rational,” but research suggests that feelings might make us think more clearly.

-Links for the Curious-

“Being Emotional During Decision Making – Good or Bad? An Empirical Investigation” by Myeong-Gu Seo & Lisa Feldman Barrett –

“Thinking Straight While Seeing Red: The Influence of Anger on Information Processing” by Wesley G. Moons & Diane M. Mackie –

“Mad enough to see the other side: Anger and the search for disconfirming information” by Maia J. Young, Larissa Z. Tiedens, Heajung Jung & Ming-Hong Tsai –

“Composure at Any Cost? The Cognitive Consequences of Emotion Suppression” by Jane M. Richards & James J. Gross –

“The role of emotion in decision-making: Evidence from neurological patients with orbitofrontal damage” by Antoine Bechara –

The quintessential scene from Star Trek IV: the Journey Home –

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